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Members' Forum

Members' Forum

Dates: -

Location: Brussels, Belgium

The Members’ Forum takes place every three to four years, when the European Social Network (ESN) prepares the submission of its three-year strategy to the European Commission to sign a new framework partnership agreement, which is the basis for funding our activities.

To prepare for the Forum, a questionnaire was sent to all ESN member representatives and vice-representatives. Members can access the questionnaire via our members area until 17 March.

On 21 February, we organised a preparatory meeting to the Members’ Forum. You can read about the outcomes of this meeting in English françaisDeutsch - españolitaliano.

Register now

Registrations are open until 17 March. ESN members can access all necessary information, including a draft programme and preparatory material, by visiting our event page. Please note that before accessing this page, you need to log in to the members' area. If you have difficulties logging in, please write to

Why get involved?

There are many reasons why members should get involved. These are just some of them:

  • The Members’ Forum will be central to setting out priorities for the future partnership with the Commission, in the light of immediate and long-term future challenges that social services and social welfare in general face. Therefore, it is a key moment for ESN members to set the agenda.
  • The overarching topic of the event will be ‘the transformation and future of social welfare’ and members will have their say on the main challenges affecting the welfare system in Europe and how ESN’s programme can be adapted to meet those challenges.
  • ESN Policy officer Alfonso Lara Montero looks back at the previous 7 years through the Members' Fora in 2010 and 2013 and also offers an outlook on the future in this article.
  • Read our interview with ESN Policy Officer Dorothea Baltruks, who compares the members' priorities in the 2013 Forum with the delivered activities in the following 4 years.
  • Read our two interviews with ESN Policy Officer Kim Japing on how members’ priorities on young people have been addressed in 2014-2017 here and here.
  • What do our members think? Read our member stories to find out.
  • Photos from the preparatory meeting held on the 21 February 2017 at the Jurys Inn.

For more information, please contact Policy Officer Marianne Doyen.