Alfonso Lara Montero
Chief Executive
Areas of work: Policy, practice and research programme management; Relations with EU institutions and external stakeholders; Secretariat Management; Governance relations; European Social ServicesConference
Languages: English, Spanish, French, Polish, Portuguese

Fernando Vespa
PA & Office Manager
Areas of work: Supporting the Chief Executive; Administrative activities within the ESN Secretariat; European Social Services Conference Partnerships
Languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish

Ana Oliveira
HR & Finance Officer
Areas of work: Coordinating Finances and HR procedures of the ESN Secretariat. Advising on Equal opportunities policy and employment law.
Languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, French, Dutch

Jeta Bejtullahu
Head of Communications and Marketing
Areas of work: Managing Internal and External Communications; Marketing Strategy; Brand Strategy; Public Relations; Team Management & Development
Languages: English, Albanian, Croatian, Spanish

Cosmina Gantner
Communications and Data Officer
Areas of work: Internal and External Communications; Database Management; European Social Services Conference communications
Languages: English, Romanian

William Hayward
Policy and Communication Officer
Areas of work: European Semester, Children and Youth, Integrated Support and Care, Communications support, Practice library
Languages: English, French

Valentina Guerra
Policy Officer

Areas of work: Inclusive Activation, Migration, Disability, 
Languages: English, Italian, French, Spanish

Leyre Merchán Paúles
Policy Officer
Areas of work: European Semester, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Older People
Languages: English, French, Spanish

Edward Shrimpton
Policy Assistant
Areas of work: EU policy Monitoring, Policy and Communications Support
Languages: English

Benoît Froment
Senior Conference and Events Manager
Areas of work: Managing European Social Services Conference and Events, Conference Team, Conference Partnerships; Marketing Strategy
Languages: English, French, Spanish

Inès Boursot
Projects & Events Officer
Areas of work: European Social Services Conference, Event Organisation, Governance Reporting and Projects;
Languages: English, French, Spanish