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Apply now to share your experiences of using technology in the planning, design, delivery and evaluation of social services at the 31st European Social Services Conference in Malmö, Sweden, 14-16 June 2023.

Accelerating the digital and technological transformation of social services by governments, public authorities, and agencies involved in their development and delivery is key to reach people in their homes and communities.

At the 31st European Social Services Conference (ESSC 2023) we will discuss how technological advancements can help to improve the delivery of social services by making access and sharing of information simpler, improving coordination between services, encouraging early intervention, supporting decision making, and promoting people’s autonomy and choice.

The conference will highlight research and practice on

  • innovation in social services through technology;
  • IT developments for social inclusion, accessibility, or autonomy;
  • organisational and workforce improvements
  • data management for decision-making.

Share your experience

ESSC 2023 will bring together leaders in social services to inspire ideas on the role of innovative technology and digital means in the modernisation of social services. Almost 600 delegates attended the 2022 Conference in Hamburg – watch the highlights here.

Make your work and experience part of the discussions at our 2023 Conference!

We welcome proposals, amongst others, from:

  • Public authorities - Tell us how you embarked on your IT modernisation journey
  • Universities and research centres – Share your research projects on technology developments in social services
  • IT industry leads – Show how you are working in cooperation with public authorities to modernise  social services or develop new products and solutions
  • Third sector organisations – Share how you are working through IT to improve the experience of the services you provide to those who you support
  • Innovators wishing to work or working with social services - Tell us about the new IT and digital solutions you have developed

Do you have experiences to share?

We welcome proposals on the following aspects of the conference theme:

1.Technology/Digitalisation promoting Integrated Care and Support and System Interoperability  

  • Promote Social Inclusion
  • Encourage Personal Autonomy and Empower People
  • Enable Early Intervention and the Prevention of Harm

2.Technology improving the experience of people using services e.g.

  • New digital solutions developed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Simple effective solutions to bridge the digital divide and engage populations farthest from IT
  • Use of Innovative Technology to help your communities thrive
  • Technology and IT system developments to promote personal autonomy
  • IT platforms to provide improved access to services

3.Leveraging Data to

  • Automate Processes and Systems
  • Build Prevention Strategies
  • Support evidence-based Policy Making
  • Evaluate and Improve Services Quality
  • Modernise Child Protection Management Systems
  • Modernise Integrated Long-Term Care

4.Modernising Organisations and Supporting Workforce Development

  • Tale of Two Systems -From Old to New. Your IT modernisation journey
  • Research-led technology developments in social services
  • Digital Means & Technology Supporting Professionals
  • Digital Means & Technology Supporting Informal Carers, Families/Relatives of People using Social Services
  • Ethical Standards for technology and data-driven processes and programmes

You can submit a maximum of 2 proposals per organisation for:

  • Case study
  • Workshop
  • Thematic panel discussion
  • Presentation at the Project Forum

Download the call for contributions to find out more and how to apply.

Before submitting your proposal, please read the Call for Contributions document for the full terms and conditions and to ensure it aligns with the 2023 Conference theme and criteria.


Submit your application via our online application form by   

22 November 2022: for proposals submitted in French, Spanish, German, Italian

29 November 2022: for proposals submitted in English


Visit the conference website HERE


Contact conference@esn-eu.org