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The Ageing Well Network (AWN) implemented an action research project in four demonstration sites to identify and test innovative approaches to support significantly more older adults living in their own homes and communities. OPRAH is particularly concerned with people who are frail or disabled and live alone, or with caregivers who are stressed or burdened as a result of their caring role.

The initiative's goal is to provide an adequately supported home environment in which the frail older person can remain living in their own home for a longer period of time; maintain or improve quality of life; maintain and enhance the client's social support networks; and maintain an optimal level of independence by providing the following: a comprehensive assessment of the person's social, health, and housing needs; and an individualised care plan developed in collaboration with the client; a more intensive level of support and a broader range of support than is currently available, provided by formal and informal caregivers, such as additional home care/home help, more respite, and other social supports augmented by the use of technology when and where appropriate.