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SAM is an association for professionals in the public social domain. SAM functions as a community of practice and provides a network for knowledge and inspiration exchange for its members. As an association SAM also represents its members in processes of national law- and policy making to enhance the executability of rules and regulations in the public domain. SAM stimulates the professional development of its members so that they become the best professional they can be and do the best possible good for dutch citizens that need their support. 

Areas of Intervention

  • Professional development of public social workers
  • Customer-tailored public services
  • Person-centred practice
  •  Integration and non-discrimination
  • People with psychological vulnerability

Responsibilities/ Services

  • Providing a network for knowledge and inspiration exchange for members
  • Stimulating professional development of members in order to improve social services for Dutch citizens
  • Organising workshops, webinars, inspiration groups and an annual congress
  • Representing voice of members in processes of national law and policy making
Association for Professionals in the Public Social Domain (SAM)