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The Municipality of Esbjerg's local third sector demanded a more significant emphasis on helping relatives and the next of kin of those with a physical or mental health difficulty, disability, or social vulnerability in May 2020.
They observed an unmet need and a cry for assistance from relatives struggling with complex issues, including stress, loneliness, and a sense of powerlessness, hurting their quality of life and negatively impacting the person in need. The truth is that 38% of the relatives experience insomnia, 38% experience depressive symptoms, 36% experience stress, and 18% get a chronic ailment.

It also focuses on the societal problems brought on by an ageing population. Social services are increasingly needed by adults and children, but there aren't enough workers to meet demand, and it's getting harder to find qualified candidates. Additionally, concentrating on family members or the next of kin prevents mental health issues from worsening, ensuring that expensive long-term costs are avoided.

This project aims to emphasise helping friends, neighbours, and other informal caregivers of those who are physically or mentally ill, have disabilities or are socially vulnerable; to offer customised advice to family members and next-of-kin regarding social and health services in the town; to act as a liaison between the neighbourhood NGOs and the nearby hospitals.