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In this section you can find a wide range of resources, including a selection of keynote speakers' presentations during the event.

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About the event

Since 2015, the arrival of migrants reaching European countries has hit unprecedented numbers and this has been particularly dramatic for children. Countries are now facing many challenges in providing for these children, but are also facing many opportunities to help them develop in society. When it comes to unaccompanied children, social services have a duty to guaranteeing their protection and development through ensuring access to mainstream care, education, housing and health, as well as programmes guaranteeing their long-term social inclusion.

This event came after a questionnaire was conducted in early 2017, which asked ESN members how they are working with these children to guarantee their inclusion. The aim of the seminar was to explore, in detail, the number of issues that ESN members highlighted on social inclusion and the transition to adulthood for the many unaccompanied children and young migrants in Europe.

Organised in cooperation with ESN’s Swedish member, the National Board of Health and Welfare, this event gave participants the opportunity to discuss with European and international policy-makers the key issues that local social services are facing. We covered the following issues:

  • Major issues for unaccompanied children in the care and protection services
  • Social services for families’ social inclusion
  • Employment and social inclusion support for young refugee migrants after leaving public care

The delegate pack with the programme, speakers' bios and the delegate list.


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