June 2021



June 2021
Next-gen: Next Generation EU funds and the push to shape children's futures

As the European Commission (EC) approves the first national recovery plans submitted by Member States to access the Next Generation EU Funds, at the European Social Network (ESN) we have been spearheading an initial assessment of the plans with local and regional public social services to seek their views on national reforms supporting the next generation of children and youth. 

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Latest from ESN
Promoting Long-Term Care Quality Assurance Policies at EU level

How can we ensure and measure progress in achieving the right to affordable long-term care (LTC) services of good quality, as stipulated by the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR)? This question is currently being discussed at the Social Protection Committee (SPC) - a forum of exchange for EU member states to improve access to Social Protection across the Union. 

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European Social Services Conference
Last chance to register

As we look forward to the recovery after Covid-19, learn about the impact of social services on a more community and home-based model, solutions, and implementations of good practices.

Join us here for the 28 European Social Services Conference on 30 June - 1 July 2021 - Online.
European Social Services Awards

Striving for excellence in social services

The achievements of social services in this exceptional year are evidence of the extraordinary commitment of those in the sector to improving the quality of life of disadvantaged people. Do you want to see your great effort rewarded? Read more.

Apply now for the European Social Services Awards, and get your project recognised at European level.
European News
The European Child Guarantee: One step closer to equal opportunity for all children

Right now, nearly 18 million children are at risk of poverty or social exclusion in Europe. The Covid-19 crisis is expected to have greatly exacerbated these inequalities. However, public social services have now gained a commitment to action from all 27 EU member states to break the cycle of disadvantage for vulnerable children.

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