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The European Social Network is a partner in this 42 month project ending in June 2026 led by RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, funded by the EU's Interreg North Sea Region Programme.

The ACE project aims to tackle 2 main challenges: the growing need for home care, due to an ageing population and new demands; and overload of caregivers, due to shortages of personnel and high demand.

The main objective is to accelerate innovations in the home care ecosystem in the North Sea Region, by:

  • Developing and enhancing research and innovation capacities and the uptake of advanced technologies 
  • Developing skills for smart specialization, industrial transition, and entrepreneurship.

ACE will implement 3 interconnected project phases:

Phase 1 - ACE Defining the Future

  • Joint identification of the needs and technological opportunities for "Smart Home Care of the Future."
  • Identifying pressing home care demands in the North Sea Region, together with technologies that can tackle them (e.g., wearables, pill dispensers). To do so, stakeholders analyse the potential for innovation uptake (usability, cost, design) in a single, transnational report.

Phase 2: ACE Accelerating the Future 

  • Drive 30+ innovations closer to the "Smart Home Care of the Future" (trialling 7-8 or more) through the establishment of transnational connections and innovative prototyping in real home care environments.
  • These innovations contribute towards addressing the challenges co-identified in the Quadruple-helix Workshops.

Phase 3- ACE Adapting to the Future

  • Supporting care professionals to adapt to technology and implement good practices.
  • Define the 20+ critical adaptations that home care providers require to adopt innovations 
  • Promote procedures applicable across the North Sea Region, reducing differences in home care service.
  • Share the findings between policymakers in the North Sea Region.

ESN supports the engagement of municipalities/regions from the 7 countries in the North Sea Region and involve public and private care providers from the centre and north of Europe. 

In Phase 1, ESN will support the involvement of local policy makers from the North Sea Region to take part in Quadruple-Helix Workshops, to co-define the needs and solutions of the future.

In Phase 2, ESN will facilitate the piloting of innovations in these areas through the engagement of municipalities from the North Sea Region.

In Phase 3, ESN will support knowledge exchanges between care providers through exchange events organised during the lifetime of the project.

ESN will also facilitate the dissemination of the results of the project through our network of public authorities. 

ACE Community platform

Register to the ACE Community Platform for free to showcase and access solutions and services, seize pilot opportunities, and connect with peers shaping the future of homecare in the North Sea Region.

The ACE Community Platform is your gateway to a collaborative ecosystem, strategically designed to connect and accelerate the development and adoption of innovative solutions in the North Sea region's homecare landscape. Funded by the ACE project, our platform brings together care providers, companies, and other homecare stakeholders striving to enhance safety, independence, and the overall quality of care services for users.

Why join the ACE Community Platform?

Visibility and reach:
Showcase your groundbreaking products and services to a European audience, increasing your international visibility within the ACE community platform. Find out more!

Pilot opportunities:
Companies can seize the unique opportunity to apply and test their cutting-edge products (TLR 7-8 or more) or services in real-world testing environments (pilot sites) supported by the ACE project. Find out more!

Care organisations can apply to become pilot sites for testing and implementing new innovations rated TLR 7 or higher, not yet available in your region, while contributing to the advancement of healthcare practices. Find out more!

Access to innovations:
Explore and access cutting-edge solutions and services from the North Sea Region, tailored to meet the evolving needs of care organisations and end users. Find out more!

Connect with like-minded companies, potential collaborators, and care institutions looking for transformative homecare solutions. 

Register on the ACE Community platform now!

Registration is free!


For more information, contact Adriana Masgras at