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In response to the Covid-19 health emergency, the social services consortium A5 in the Italian region of Campania has put in place a mechanism to monitor daily the situations of social need and virtual alternatives to guarantee the continuity of its existing services.

It has furthermore put in place a free number for psychological support and a number for women who may experience domestic violence.

The consortium has continued with the provision of home care for older people and people with disabilities who live alone, and has created guidelines for families living with people with mental health problems.

The social services consortium A5 set up the project “Andra’ tutto bene” (Everything will be alright), consisting of two socio-economic measures:

  1. Financial resources for the purchase of basic necessities, medicines and personal protective equipment for families and older people in need.
  2. Joint provision of an allowance and participation in a social support programme for single- and low-income families with dependent children who have been severely impacted by the health emergency, for example because they lost their employment.

Please find more information on the Social services A5 consortium’s response to the Covid-19 health emergency here (in Italian):