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The European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing (EIP AHA) brings together EU-funded projects and other initiatives promoting active and healthy ageing in a single framework for mutual learning and policy development. The overall aim is to increase the average healthy lifespan in the EU by two years by 2020. It brings together relevant actors at EU, national and regional levels including public authorities, research institutes, policy makers, businesses and NGOs.

There are different ways of getting involved in the EIP on Active and Healthy Ageing:

  • Participants in the Action Groups run a number of activities that contribute to specific targets. There are currently six different groups:

  1. Prescription and adherence to treatment

  2. Personalised health management

  3. Prevention of functional decline and frailty

  4. Integrated care

  5. Interoperable independent living solutions

  6. Age friendly buildings, cities and environments

  • Regions, cities or care organisations can become Reference Sites – if they are able to show their impact through innovative practices on active and healthy ageing.

  • The Marketplace is a platform for participants to promote initiatives and events and find partners.

ESN’ s role within the EIP on Active and Healthy Ageing

ESN is a participant of the Action Group on Integrated Care that focuses on the development of integrated care models which are more closely oriented to the needs of users, as well as anchored in community and home-care settings. It aims to scale-up and replicate integrated care programmes serving older people, supported by innovative tools and services, in at least 20 regions in 15 Member States by 2020. The 144 participants of the Action Group work on three cross-cutting Action Areas (Finance, ICT and Communication) and six specific Action Areas (Organisational Models, Change Management; Workforce Development, Education and Training, Risk Stratification, Care Pathway Implementation, Patient / user empowerment).

For more information on this project please contact ESN's Policy Team.