The Co-Production Forum is the 2019 edition of our annual seminar. We will bring together 100 people to share innovative practice and policy on involving people who use services in all aspects of social services.

The seminar will take place 14-15 November, Lisbon.


Get involved

Our members can claim one funded place (delegate fee, travel, and accomodation covered) at the seminar. If you are an ESN member, complete our questionnaire by Monday 29 July to tell us about your experience and practice on co-production to claim this funded place. We will use your questionnaire answers to prepare analysis that will be presented at the seminar and in a follow-up report.



Registration will open to participants who are not ESN members in August.



Engaging people, improving services

The focus of the Forum will be on how social services professionals can involve people who use services in the planning, delivery, and evaluation of social services.

For example, through the recruitment of experts by experience, individualised plans where the person has an equal say in setting goals, or developing community-based care that is more tailored to people’s wishes.


Why Co-production?

Co-production is increasingly being implemented by social services, acknowledging a shift in perspective of people who use services from beneficiaries to active participants in planning, delivery and implementation. It has its roots in the transition from institutional to community-based care, with social services providing more person-centred care that can help people who use services to have a better quality of life.

This approach can support a number of objectives and outcomes:

  • To gain insights into barriers and opportunities for people which can inform policy and practice changes
  • To improve services by making them more attuned to people’s needs and expectations
  • To achieve more positive outcomes for people by giving them more ownership over services, which can increase their motivation


Implementing Co-production

During the Forum we will examine different co-production practices, as well as challenges and success factors for implementation.

For example, how to embed a co-production approach throughout an organisation, overcoming the reluctance that some professionals might have. Or, how to engage with more challenging target groups including children and people with intellectual disabilities.

Following the Forum we will publish a toolkit. This will showcase practical steps and innovative examples of co-production in social services.



Thursday, 14 November 2019 to Friday, 15 November 2019