The annual meeting of ESN’s Reference Group on the European Semester gathered representatives from public social services and local authorities from 18 EU countries, though 22 countries participated in that year’s activities (for instance, completing the questionnaires on the impact of the European Semester in their countries). Jeroen Jutte, responsible for coordinating the process in DG Employment, shared some insights on how the process had evolved over the years, while Bart Vanhercke, from the European Social Observatory (OSE), presented a cross-country analysis on the basis of the work done by the Group members.

Discussions addressed long-term care, administrative reform, poverty and social inclusion, and challenges for young people to extract key messages and prepare the 2016 EU Semester process. A report with the updated cross-country analysis, a series of country profiles and recommendations, as well as the identification of key issues for public social services was published in November coinciding with the start of the new European Semester cycle.

Resources from the meeting