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The event will focus on the dissemination of two EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) Projects, Reticulate and xEITU,  coordinated respectfully by the Association of Tuscan Municipalities (ANCI Toscana) and Asturias Region. 

Both projects proposed a territorial model for the coordination of social, employment and health services for an effective minimum income support toward the active inclusion of those deprived. In detail, the projects focused on: 

  • strengthening the functioning of the professionals dedicated to income support measures
  • boosting the consolidation of multidisciplinary teams in social services
  • improving the collaboration between local authorities and third sector networks in the co-designing of supporting income schemes and to promote active inclusion 
  • promoting more people-centred care schemes


Monday, 22 April 2024

09:00 Registrations 

09:30 Event Opening 

Christian Fillet, European Social Network 

Francesco Capuani, European Social Network

09:45 Reticulate Project- Dissemination Session

Andrea De Conno, ANCI Toscana, Reticulate Coordinator  

Daniela LoiItalian Institute for Social Research

Territories which implemented the Reticulate model:

Giuseppe Fanucchi, ARTI Toscana (Comune di Capannori)

Elisa Sironi, ARTI Toscana (Comune di Livorno)

Giuseppe Fanucchi, SDS Grosseto

Gilda Corsini, SDS Pistoia


11:15 Coffee Break

11: 45 xEITU Project - Dissemination Session 

Begoña Lopez Gonzalez, Asturias Region, xEITU Coordinator  

Isabel Sierra Blanco, Asturias Region

Aida Brun González, Red Cross

Esther María Pérez Quintana: Ministerio de Inclusion, Seguridad Social y Migraciones

Territories which implemented the xEITU model:

Mª del Mar Suárez Martínez, Region Asturias

Elisa González García, Region Asturias

Raquel Menéndez Fernández, Tineo Municipality  

Mar Argüelles Menéndez, Mieres Municipality 

Emilia Ordoñez Alvarez, Region Asturias 


13:15 Networking Lunch

14:30 Interactive Session 

Moderator: Andrea De Conno, ANCI Toscana 


Isabel García Menéndez, Social Services of Gijón 

Isabel Sierra Blanco, Asturias Region

Marzio Mori, Italian Federation of Bodies for the Homeless

Luca Fanelli, ActionAid


16:30 Conclusions 

Andrea De Conno, ANCI Toscana, Reticulate Coordinator

Begoña Lopez Gonzalez, Asturias Region, xEITU Coordinator  

Networking Session