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The Association of Centres for Social Work (CCSW) in Slovenia was founded in 1996.  61 CSW had been initially set up and recently merged into 16. The Association of Centres for Social Work promotes the interests of its members, represents them in Slovenia's government bodies, cooperates and organises joint projects with educational institutions, professional lectures and meetings.

Main Areas of Work

  • Professional development
  • Social justice
  • Legislation
  • Families
  • Elderly
  • People with disabilities
  • Social justice
  • Mental health
  • People with addictions
  • Migrants
  • Adults in difficulty or poverty

Responsibilities/ Services

  • Supporting social work professionals
  • Strengthening and developing the profession of social work
  • Acting as members’ representative to the government, the social chamber of Slovenia and other professional associations and municipalities
  • Participating in the preparation and implementation of collective agreements, acting as the voice for members
  • Communicating the interests of members in the preparation of the guidelines for the implementation of activities, programs, norms, and prices of services
  • Composing the Catalogue of Public Authorities, Legal Tasks and Services, carried out by the Centres for Social Work
  • Setting standards and norms for carrying out individual types of tasks
  • Formulating proposals for the unification of work
Association of Centres for Social Work (CCSW)