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The Laurel Project is a 36-month project funded by the European Union Horizon Programme. It aims at gathering valuable insights into integrated long-term care (I-LTC) provision and their support solutions in Europe and outside. Using this intelligence, it will develop actionable policies to respond to the challenges of growing demand, economic constraints, accessibility, affordability, quality of services, shortages of members of the workforce, and systemic reforms. LAUREL will identify a set of the best innovative, integrated care solutions leading to better quality, person-centred LTC and overcoming territorial and gender inequalities in their provision. 

ESN is responsible to carry out survey on the developed framework to investigate integrated LTC and support solutions and conduct data collection .

ESN will also lead the development of actionable policy recommendations. Within this ESN will make sure that the actionable policies on I-LTC are relevant and effective, develop change management strategies to support implementation and endorse the actionable policies on I-LTC. 

ESN attended a kick off meeting for a Laurel Project in Barcelona. 

Fundacio De Recerca Clinic Barcelona-institut

Stichting International Foundation for Integrated

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Social Economy Europe 

Eurocarers-association Europeenne Travaillant 

European Health Telematics Association

Age Platform Europe

Universidad Politecnica De Madrid

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