Pereiti į pagrindinį turinį

The Council

The Council consists of 20 national and regional organisations that bring together directors of social services. They are ‘voting’ members and they elect the Board of Trustees. The Council is responsible for ESN's overall strategic direction and the approval of the annual accounts. The Council meets twice a year.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees are legally responsible for the governance of ESN. They are responsible for overseeing the management, financing and work of the network and the interest of its members.

The Board nominates Chair, Vice Chair, Honorary Treasurer and Legal and Policy Secretary. They may also allocate other responsibilities as needed.

The Trustees meet at least four times a year and are in regular communication throughout the year. Trustees do not receive payment for their work on behalf of ESN.

Meet the current Board here.

The Members

ESN members are at the core of ESN's work. Members participate in ESN's annual conference, seminars, working groups, training programmes, country visits and other projects. Members are encouraged to contribute to discussions, research or collaboration programmes with other member organisations or European stakeholders, to use the network to make new contacts and contribute good practice exchange, online or at various events.

Members meet regularly at our policy meetings; for example, through our policy working groups and once a year at the annual members meeting during the European Social Services Conference. Members also meet every four years to prepare the four-year strategy of the Network. ESN has now 153 member organisations in 34 countries.

For further information about how we work with our members consult our annual review of activities.

The Secretariat

The Secretariat provides strategic, policy, communications, financial and administrative support to the Network of Members. It also manages the Network’s relationships with partners, including the European Commission, national governments, and private partners. Meet the Secretariat.