Pereiti į pagrindinį turinį

Each year, the ESN European Semester Group follows the European Commission’s cycle of policy coordination with EU Member States known as the European Semester and produces a report based on a questionnaire completed by public social services authorities on the social situation in European countries with a particular focus on social services.

The 2022 report includes an overview of the European Semester economic policy coordination framework between the European Commission and national governments, an analysis of the implementation of relevant European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR) for social services, alongside an analysis of the European Semester 2022 Spring Package’s relevant themes for social services.

The report also contains a cross-country analysis based on information provided by members of ESN’s Reference Group on the European Semester from 19 countries. The analysis highlights progress in the realisation of social objectives included in the National Recovery and Resilience Plans (NRRPs), discusses key issues in implementing relevant principles for social services of the EPSR, and presents main challenges ESN members have faced in providing social services to people fleeing the Russian invasion of Ukraine.  

The individual country analyses can be downloaded here