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Women in the labour market face numerous challenges across Europe and the care sector is no different. This is why ESN member, Pro Arbeit AöR, a municipal Job Centre based in Dreieich in the County of Offenbach (Germany)  is spearheading new efforts to bolster opportunities for women hoping to work in the care sector. 

women in social careAs in the rest of Europe, Germany is experiencing an ageing population at while at the same time its care sector is affected by a shortage of skilled labour.

The team at Pro Arbeit AöR recognised, that many women are willing to work in  care settings but lack the necessary training, often due to their migration  background and language skills. So, they decided to do something about it – and with impressive early results. The initiative was inspired by Mums@Work, a project funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF) allowing mothers aged 25-45 with a history of migration to work as childminders.  Similarly, in October 2022 Pro Arbeit AöR launched a mobile ‘everyday helper’ initiative that contributes to the independence and empowerment of mothers enjoying work with people in need of care including the acquisition of a driving licence.

As the qualification was aimed specifically at mothers, the lessons only took place in the mornings, which all participants found very beneficial for their work-life balance. Both acquiring their driving licence and generating their own income filled them with great pride.  

“The initiative has been so well received by all stakeholders involved that the second qualification season will start in April 2024 targeting women in general and covering telecare content as well.” – Amira Bieber, Senior Project Manager, European Project Management.

Read more information on Pro Arbeit AöR’s initiative here.