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ESN member, W13,  is a Belgian regional association comprising of 14 Public Centres of Social Welfare and regional Centres for Social Work in the South of West-Flanders province.

Launched in 2023,  the Social economy and work action plan is a three-year regional plan focused on poverty reductionespecially tackling energy poverty, integrated care for elderly people, and making W13 a more effective and innovative association.

The Regional Plan involves partnering with relevant stakeholders, and securing resources to develop programmes that can address the specific needs of vulnerable populations. The aim of the collaborative efforts is to increase the outreach to vulnerable groups.

One example of these joint  programmes is Energy House”, an integrated service that offers personalised counselling for structural and energetic renovation, reducing energy costs for people in vulnerable situations or hard-to-reach groups. 

Food Act 13” is another example of how a regional circular economy project can have an impact on many lives. Its aim is to reduce food losses by collecting and distributing fresh food to vulnerable populations and creating employment opportunities for vulnerable people with difficulties in finding a job. 

“Thanks to my job in Food Act 13, I was given several responsibilities from purchases to customer handling that made me gained personal and professional self-confidence”. – Former employer of Food Act 13 plan.

W13 is determined that t joint collaboration across sectors is a successful approach that has shown meaningful change in peoples lives. Cross-sector cooperation does not only services but opportunities for a better quality of life for all.

Find more information about the regional plan here