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ESN member, the Department of Social Policies, Family and Equality of Madrid City Council is committed to ensuring inclusion and to improving the living conditions of people  with disabilities and their families.

Over the years, Madrid City Council has worked to raise awareness and raise the profile of people with disabilities by developing specific programmes and measures to ensure they can live an autonomous life.  

 The City Council is currently running the third “Madrid Incluye Plan” (Madrid Includes Plan). This three-year plan is an instrument against discrimination and for the promotion of the rights and respect for the dignity of persons with disabilities. It also ensures the inclusion of people with disabilities in the decision-making process in the field of housing, urban planning, health and employment.

 “We cannot forget that full participation takes place when all citizens are taken into account, working towards their full inclusion and responding to their needs”. – Consuelo Alfaro, Director of Social Services and Disability Care, Madrid City Council.

To ensure full participation of people with disabilities, the Madrid Includes Plan has established the Municipal Council for Disability, a forum to discuss challenges and needs of people  with disabilities and to seek joint solutions between the third sector representing people  with disabilities, trade unions, business organisations, the Regional Government of Madrid and the City Council itself.

In 2014, to highlight and strengthen initiatives of the business and institutional sector, the Municipal Council for Disability created Awards to celebrate outstanding contribution to improve  the quality of life and equal opportunities for people with disabilities. The prizes are awarded each year on 3 December to mark the International Day of Disabled Persons .

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