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The Commission for the Rights of Persons with Disability (CRPD) is the regulatory body of the disability sector in Malta. The CRPD is legally mandated to fulfil various roles and functions including investigating discrimination faced by people on the basis of their disability and promoting their empowerment.

Driven by challenging disability stereotypes and raising awareness on disability rights, the CRPD provides Disability Equality Training (DET) sessions to private and public organisations in Malta.

Delivered by persons with disability themselves, these training sessions focus on etiquette, appropriate language and behaviour when interacting with people with disabilities. The training sessions are unique opportunities for discussions and insights into the lives of people with disabilities.

Training sessions are adapted accordingly to the participant’s profiles such as their age and the sectors in which they work. Committed to making Maltese society as inclusive as possible, the CRPD delivers training sessions to schools and educational institutions, financial institutions, the travel and transport sector, organisations in the performing arts, hotels and restaurants, retail establishments, the health sector, service providers for persons with disabilities etc.

Looking ahead, the CRPD in Malta is working on expanding the areas of the training programme to address other recurring topics such as sexuality, employment, entrepreneurship and advocacy.

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