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ESN Member, Social Services - Faroe Islands (Almannaverkið) is responsible for delivering financial benefits and social services for people with disabilities.

For the past years, the organisation has developed a comprehensive programme for children under 18 with autism. The programme aims to promote good mental health for children and to support their families with their daily challenges.

The initiative was prompted by a significant increase in autism diagnoses, recognising the need for a specialised programme. As part of the programme, fully-equipped residential homes for children with severe autism were created, with a programme of appropriate daily activities and support provided to ensure coherence, stability, and a comfortable environment. Each home can host six children.

The programme also provides professional advice and counselling with families in their homes and meetings bringing together families and relevant organisations that can support children with autism.

“With this programme, we want to reach out to families who may feel disoriented when their child is diagnosed with autism.”  Hjørdis S. Mortensen, Head of the Development Unit, Social Services - Faroe Islands

Social Services - Faroe Islands is committed to ensure good living conditions and an independent life for its citizens. The programme for autistic children and their families connects with the vision of the organisation to make a difference by promoting dedication, wellbeing, and equality.

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