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A stable income, equal opportunities in the labour market, a secure environment for children to grow, and providing a roof over one's head are the keystones of the services provided by ESN member, the Association of Directors of Social Services (Divosa) in the Netherlands.

Divosa acts as a connective force between the Dutch government and municipalities. They translate national policy into municipal implementation and link the knowledge and experiences from practice back to the national government.

In July 2022, Divosa launched the Social Minimum Committee, following  a motion adopted by the Dutch Parliament.

The Social Minimum Committee consists of eleven members who are experts in the fields of social security, socio-economic, tax and legal issues. The Committee was assigned to investigate different households’ needs to ensure a decent living.

As a result, the Committee produced two reports, in June and September 2023 respectively. While the former recommends increasing the social minimum income for different types of households, the latter presents concrete steps to guarantee a future-proof social minimum system.

 A predictable and sufficient income are preconditions for subsistence security and are therefore fully in line with the objectives of Divosa”. – Alexandra Bartelds, Managing Director of Divosa

The social minimum income is reviewed every four years, and the Dutch government has already increased minimum wages while further increases have been discussed. Divosa anticipates that the implementation of these reports will have positive, tangible effect on the livelihoods of the Dutch population in the coming years and reiterates its commitment to contributing to a more inclusive and economically secure society for all.

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