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ABC promotes homecare social policies for people with disabilities and their families, customized and co-produced, to prevent placements in residential institutions. ABC's mission provides for the right for people with disabilities to obtain individualized support programs, co-produced with people with disabilities, obtainable through the public social service, against any form of closure in the residential institution.

Areas of Intervention

  • People with physical disabilities
  • People with mental disabilities
  • Social justice
  • Social Integration

Responsibilities/ Services

  • Transformation of care models
  • Promotion of systemic change
  • Issuing of guidelines and policies for the district’s councils
  • Capacity building and training
  • Emotional support groups for family caregivers
  • Representing and defending interests of their members
ABC Brain Injured Children Association, Italy

Member news

Embracing diversity with personalised and co-designed interventions

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