MERIDIANOS is a non-profit organisation, formed by a multidisciplinary team of professionals in psychology, pedagogy and social education, which for more than 20 years has been developing leading and innovative solutions and programmes that respond to the challenges faced by young people today, especially young people at risk of exclusion and young offenders. 

Our purpose is to generate opportunities for young people, in the different areas of their personal development, in fields such as education, employment, protection or juvenile justice, making them protagonists of their process of change. 

We are an organisation with a clear international vocation, participating in European networks and projects, where we promote and share knowledge in education, employment and juvenile justice, collaborating with the best experts and recognised professionals in these sectors. 

We are a benchmark organisation in our sector, which generates confidence and security for the administrations, and whose management model is based on our ability to create motivated and high-performance teams, our orientation towards processes and results, and our adaptation to the changes and challenges of our environment.