The report presents six key social challenges for Europe to tackle in order to promote decent living standards, good working conditions as well as equal opportunities and participation.

Legislation and practice on care for young people is being expanded beyond care plans to better support the transition to adulthood and improve long-term life outcomes.

Connecting the local practices of social services to the global sustainable development agenda is key to reach targets.

We report on the key social issues and policy recommendations of social services in 24 countries in our latest report.

The European Social Network’s (ESN) Working Group on the Implementation of Sustainable Development Goal (SDGs) met in Brussels on 1-2 October to discuss the role of social services in eradicating poverty (SDG1).

The role of social services in implementing the Sustainable Development Goals.

Make the social inclusion of people with disabilities a reality through a continuum of legislation, policy, and practice.

Representatives of social services meet with the European Commission through the European Social Network’s (ESN) Reference Group on the European Semester.

The successful implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR) is a goal shared by all stakeholders so a recent seminar on the semester’s role in this, hosted by the European Centre for expertise in Brussels on the 17th of April, was particularly well timed. Carlos Santos Guerrero, vice-chair of the European Social Network (ESN), spoke at the event with a focus on the semester as a tool for delivering a social Europe.

The European Social Network will highlight the role of social services in implementing the European Pillar of Social Rights during the upcoming 2018 Annual Convention for Inclusive Growth.


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