OECD Forum on Partnerships and Local Development

The 10th Annual Meeting of the OECD LEED Forum on Partnerships and Local Development took place on 23-25 April in Stockholm, Sweden. The Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED) Forum has a membership of over 2,600 members in 53 countries, including local development practitioners who work in partnership with government officials, public employment services, local leaders, youth organisations, social entrepreneurs, business representatives and academics in the areas of employment, economic and social policies. The Forum aims to build capacity of local partnership organisations and their members in the design and implementation of local economic and employment development strategies, raise awareness of national governments on the role of partnerships and to support international exchange among and between local development practitioners and the policy making community.

At the meeting in Stockholm participants, discussed measures of partnership working for labour market integration. Some of the topics covered included: skills matching strategies of local employment and training organisations, support for young people in the transition from school to employment through partnerships between local employers, schools and training services. Moreover, the meeting focused on the management of services supporting life-cycle transitions, including family policies, adult career guidance and support for people moving into new careers later in life. Plenary sessions and workshops reviewed experiences in the local implementation of partnership measures with a focus on:

  • Job creation at local level

  • Partnerships to support school-to-work transitions

  • Local implementation of Youth Guarantee schemes

  • Employment and inclusion strategies in Stockholm

  • Managing transitions during the life-cycle



All presentations and practices can be found here.

The European Social Network (ESN) has recently published its third paper in the series on contemporary issues for managers and directors of social services in Europe ‘Working with education, health and employment: recognising a shared agenda’. The series is based on the work of ESN’s working group on Leadership, Performance and Innovation and outlines four key challenges for directors of social services and senior professionals across Europe: Responding to the economic crisis and austerity; Innovation, research & evidence-based practice; Working with education, health and employment: recognising a shared agenda; Leadership & management in social services.