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Over 600 leaders of social services authorities, policy-makers, researchers and industry professionals will shortly be coming together in Malmö for the European Social Services Conference 2023 beginning on 14 June. 

By simplifying access and information sharing, improving coordination between services, facilitating early intervention, supporting decision-making processes, and empowering individuals' autonomy and choice, technology holds the potential to revolutionise the social services sector. The largest public social welfare policy and practice forum in Europe, under the overarching theme of accelerating the digital and technological transformation of social services, the Conference, within the framework of the Swedish Presidency of the Council of the European Union and hosted by the City of Malmö, will spotlight the different ways governments, public authorities, and agencies can leverage technological advancements to enhance the delivery of social services and respond to increasing social demands and expectations as more people require support.

In 18 interactive workshops, 9 thematic panel discussions, 5 plenary sessions, and at our Practice Fair and Innovation Zone participants will have the opportunity to explore the use of digitalisation and new technologies in the development of social services across Europe and beyond.

The first day of the conference will explore the use of technology for good and building collective intelligence, while the second day will focus on how we can use data to make better decisions, and the use of digital and technological innovation in the delivery of social care and children’s services. Interwoven with the plenary discussions will be opportunities to share best practice from across Europe in workshops, thematic panel discussions and our Practice Fair. Delegates can choose from a diverse and varied programme of presentations featuring new ways of providing services such a digital approach to harm reduction, the use of AI to identify people at high risk, social vouchers, or how technology can be used to support community engagement.

Our partners, the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, the Swedish Association of Social Services Directors, Deloitte, EY, Accenture, Edenred, Binti, Microsfoft, Merative, KPMG, Tietovry, JP Infonet and WCC Group will also be present to share their expertise. Our Innovation Zone will be an opportunity for participants to learn about the latest digital solutions, products, tools and platforms for social services. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to join these crucial discussions on how technological advancements can help to improve the delivery of social services by making access and sharing of information simpler, improving coordination between services, encouraging early intervention, supporting decision making, and promoting people’s autonomy and choice. Registration is open until 6 June – find out more here