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It is with great dismay that we continue to see military action on European soil.

This invasion of Ukraine is a violation of the United Nations Charter. Russia’s armed intervention against a sovereign nation is alarming and will affect every European. As Chair of the European Social Network, I am shocked by the violation of essential values. ​​ I am also concerned about the casualties and suffering we can already see unfolding because of this military conflict. As well as the rising number of casualties, many thousands of people are already fleeing conflict zones and seeking protection in neighbouring countries or further afield.

Public social services will undoubtedly be one of those organisations on the frontline, lending their expertise and cooperating with other agencies to provide humanitarian support to those fleeing the conflict, especially to the most vulnerable who are almost always the most severely impacted by any crisis. As ESN’s Chair, I would like to thank all social services professionals and volunteers across Europe for their courage, commitment, and resilience in these difficult times. Finally, my thoughts go to the people of Ukraine. I hope with them for a quick end to this conflict and the achievement of lasting peace in the region.


Christian Fillet
European Social Network