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Times of crisis bring difficult challenges but can also lead to innovation that may not have otherwise taken place. In response to the Covid-19 crisis, one of the many ways social services transformed has been the accelerated adoption of digital and technology solutions.

This shift was not temporary, as a significant focus has been building on the use of digital services to reach greater numbers of people with a large variety of needs, to create cohesive and integrated human services which improve management and use of resources, and people’s service experience.

Rethinking social services transformation

The European Social Services Conference (ESSC) in Malmö, taking place on 14-16 June 2023, will be an opportunity to rethink the transformation of social services: using digital tools and innovative technology. These are key to support the social inclusion of people experiencing homelessness, migrants, children in care, young people in their transition to adulthood, people with disabilities and older people. Harnessing the power of digitalisation and technology in the development and management of social services is crucial for reaching people in their homes and communities.

In addition to improved outreach, technological advancements can help to improve the delivery of social services by making access and sharing of information simpler, improving coordination between services, encouraging early intervention, supporting decision-making, and promoting people’s autonomy and choice.

Share your story

The ESSC 2023 will be the forum for providers of technology solutions, researchers, decision-makers in public authorities, third-sector organisations and social services professionals to share and exchange their knowledge and experiences with peers from across Europe and other regions of the world.

We invite you to contribute to the Conference to inspire ideas on the role of innovative technology and digital tools in the modernisation of social services, in particular from:

Public authorities: Tell us how you embarked on your IT modernisation journey

Universities and research centres: Share your research projects on technology developments in social services

IT industry leads: Show how you are working in cooperation with public authorities to modernise social services or develop new products and solutions

Third-sector organisations: Show you are working through IT to improve the experience of the services you provide to those who you support

Innovators wishing to work or working with social services: Tell us about the new IT and digital solutions you have developed

How can you take part?

We welcome proposals on how your organisation has used technology/digitalisation to promote  integrated care and support and improve systems interoperability; how technology has improved service users’ experiences; how data has been used to improve systems or processes; or how technology has been used to modernise organisations and support workforce development. 

You can contribute in a number of ways – apply to present a case study or organise a workshop; take part in a moderated panel with three other organisations with similar experiences; or apply to be part of the Project Forum where a number of organisations make short, dynamic presentations on their experiences to the conference plenary. Find out more here

The deadlines to submit your proposal are:

22 November 2022 for proposals submitted in French, GermanItalian, or Spanish.

29 November 2022 for proposals submitted in English.

Read more about the proposal process here

Submit your proposal here

Do you have any questions about the ESSC?  Contact us