At the 28th European Social Services Conference in Hamburg 8-10 July, we are inviting everyone to rethink care in the community.


We ask public authorities, professionals, and care providers to join our discussion on re-imagining how we help people who need support to lead better lives within their communities.


To showcase your work at the conference, respond to our call for contributions which is based on four themes:


The role of workforce in transforming community care

  • Do you have a programme for social services professionals’ training, recruitment & retention, wellbeing, planning and management?
  • Can you show how workforce contributes high quality, economically sustainable and community-based care?
  • Are you working with children, youth, families, older people, people with mental health problems, and people with disabilities?


The economic case of community care

  • Do you have good practice in financing community care, such as integrated pooled budgets, public-private partnerships, social impact bonds, payment by results?
  • Can you share new ways of planning, financing and budgeting or procuring contracts with service providers?
  • Have you done cost-benefits studies and evidence-based programmes comparing costs in community and institutional care?


Ethics in community care

  • Are you involving users in community care planning, design and implementation involving (e.g. co-production, design thinking, human-centred service design)?
  • Can you share programmes aimed at safeguarding, engaging and empowering people and communities in care development, implementation and evaluation?
  • What are principles underpinning social and care work, including practitioners’ training and quality strategies rooted in human rights and ethics principles?


Role of technology in delivering community care

  • Are you utilizing technology at every stage of the care and support system, from planning through delivery to evaluation?
  • Are you using technology to facilitate services, such as counselling, individual support, and case management? Or using data tools to support decision-making?
  • Are you using technology to improve communication with clients, facilitate independent living?


The 28th European Social Services Conference is being organised in partnership with the German Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth; and the Ministry of Employment, Social Affairs, Family Affairs and Integration of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.