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In the response to the public consolidation ESN members stress individualised support, co-production and cooperation between employment and social services and other actors as key to support people excluded from the labour market.

In Europe, half of the unemployed are currently long-term unemployed (more than 12 months). Therefore, the European Commission sees long-term unemployment, together with youth unemployment, as the main legacy of the crisis.

In order to support the integration of long-term unemployment into the labour market, the European Commission highlights cooperation between organisations as a means of reducing long-term unemployment. In line with this, the European Commission published a Public Consultation on Service Provision to Long-term Unemployed which closed on May 15.

The European Social Network drafted a response on the basis of a consultation with some of its members with specific responsibilities for employment services or joint initiatives between social and employment services. ESN member organisations from Spain, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France and Denmark provided input.

In its response, the European Social Network makes particular reference to its members’ views on individualised support and integration of service delivery. Key points are:

  • individualised approaches to long-term unemployed are necessary in order to consider the complex needs that a long-term unemployed person might have, individual, family and local contexts, and the local or regional labour market.
  • the role of social services (including social work) is key to refer long-term unemployed to support measures, to address complex needs and to provide support during and after job placement.
  • long-term unemployed should be the co-producers of individual, step-by-step measures to ensure they can access employment.
  • there should be lose cooperation with employers and training providers as well as alternatives to the competitive labour market for those unable to access because of severe disability/ill health.

ESN’s answer to the Public Consultation on Service Provision to Long-term Unemployed can be found here.