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The Department of Seine-Maritime, France, is a local public authority and a leader in social solidarity. The Department can be called upon to intervene at all life stages of the inhabitants of Seine-Maritime to guarantee them adequate social support. With that in mind, it conducts various solidarity policies targeting children and family, youth, the autonomy of the elderly and the disabled, employment and integration.

Le Département de la Seine-Maritime est une autorité locale publique, chef de file des solidarités sociales. Le Département peut être amené à intervenir à tous les stades de vie des habitants de la Seine-Maritime pour leur garantir un accompagnement social adéquat. Dans cette optique, il mène différentes politiques de solidarité visant l’enfance et la famille, la jeunesse, l’autonomie des personnes âgées et des personnes handicapées, l’emploi et l’insertion.

Main Areas of Work

  • Children and young people
  • Families
  • Education
  • Elderly
  • People with disabilities
  • Social inclusion
  • Employment
  • Energy poverty
  • Health
  • Housing
  • Digitalisation

Responsibilities/ Services

  • Providing social services
  • Transformation of care models
  • Promotion of systemic change
  • Role of the social worker
  • Issuing of guidelines and policies for the district’s councils
  • Capacity building and training
  • Professional training
  • Training of social welfare workforce
  • Research and development
  • Conducting inspections
  • Maintaining networks for managers and social workers
  • Management of public nursing homes and day centres for older people
  • Home care services for older people and dependent people
  • Residential services for victims of gender-based violence
  • Socio-educational services for children at risk of social exclusion
  • Specialised intervention services as meeting points for children, victims of violence, and their families
  • Consulting services and specialised studies for local governments regarding older people facilities
  • Child protection
  • Emotional support groups for family caregivers
  • Programs for the prevention of addictions in young people
  • Assistance in cases of energy poverty
  • Financial support
  • Social insurance
  • Fostering cooperation with non-governmental organisations and the promotion of social volunteering.
  • Research/ identifying and monitoring of social problems
  • Representing and defending interests of their members
Seine-Maritime County Council