As people get older, they may become more frail and experience multi-morbidity conditions which require medical and social care. Our societies are also getting older, increasing the need for care. The efficient and high quality provision of care is therefore a crucial issue for social services.

Our work with ESN members

We have worked closely with our members to examine the funding and quality of care services. In 2008 we established a working group that explored care and funding choices, independent living, and quality care services. 

Looking deeper into the issue of funding, the ‘Contracting for Quality’ (2009-2010) research project presented an assessment of the complex set of relationships in long-term care and funding and quality management. 

More recently, between September 2014 and October 2016, our Working Group on Ageing and Care met five times to look at the integration of health and social care services for older people, local initiatives for active ageing measures, the social care workforce, quality assurance and technological innovation. 

The working group resulted in the publication of our report ‘Investing in later life: a toolkit for social services providing care for older people’ which sets out recommendations and practice examples for managers in social services.

Our contribution to the European level

Building on this work, we will organise a seminar in 2020 which will bring together managing and funding authorities, service providers and users’ organisations to explore the impact on funding, quality and service users’ choice in the field of long-term care. 

This will be followed by a publication that will present how local public social services procure and commission services (including personal budgets) to create markets of services that promote choice for older people and their families.

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