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The COVID pandemic has highlighted the fragility of European social services to provide systematic and adequate responses to a changing reality. The crisis has shown the functioning of care services as silos or separate islands, leading to the loss of a holistic perspective in caring for people. This lack of connection and coordination has reduced the capacity to articulate adequate responses to meet the needs of citizens, especially those in the most vulnerable situations. Social services face a major challenge in the coming years: to move from the welfare model to a new model of care based on person-centred policies with an integrated approach (labour, social, educational, health, etc.). This new model must fully respect individual personality and integrity, recognising the person as the main actor in the co-creation of actions aimed at meeting their needs in order to improve quality of life and ensure equal opportunities. The general objective of the project is to promote the Comprehensive and PersonCentred Care Model in child and family care services in Navarra through the implementation of the dialogic approach.