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"Espai Cabestany" is a programme for kids and teenagers who are in foster care or are exiting the system. The initiative was developed to give this particular target group a new form of service and to better satisfy their needs. The programme "Espai Cabestany" uses an integrated model to offer young people housing, education, training, financial assistance, legal assistance, support for their social integration, and assistance with the job market.

Individual action plans that allow resources to be made available for specific measures benefit the young people in the programme. With this method, the support is very individualised and may be tailored to the needs of the young person.

Diverse specialists from the public, private, and third sectors collaborate to carry out the specific action plans. After entering the care system, each young person's growth is carefully observed, and the monitoring system adheres to a set protocol.

The young person receives a lot of help at first, but this support gradually decreases over time. The young person's independence is anticipated to improve with this gradual reduction in help. Additionally, individual action results in very tight ties between adults and young people.