This project was established to adapt to the COVID-19 restrictions as soon as possible to protect those receiving support from infection and lower the risk for care providers.
The project aims to improve employee productivity by cutting down on travel time, allowing staff to attend to people's needs remotely, and allowing staff to continue working remotely while self-isolating; keep individuals secure and lower infection risk;  encourage people to maintain contact with their social networks to combat isolation and loneliness.

The councils decided that an Alcove Video Carephone tablet with security features would best meet their requirements.
The video Carephone enables video calls between the receiver, care providers, family members, and other authorised services.
Only authorised responders with access to the system can use the gadget since it is locked down and has a closed architecture that is easy to use for susceptible individuals. Additionally, a SIM card is already inside, eliminating the need for WiFi for the recipient.
Without entering the home, the item is handed to the recipient along with operation instructions. They will be told to push the support button after plugging in their device to reach the supplier's Technical Support. The process of setting up is then explained to them, and any queries or worries they may have are addressed.