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In the province of Barcelona, there is a growing care crisis due to the accelerated ageing of the population, with a population over 65 that reaches 14% and 36% over 80, and with an increase in the ageing population (people over 80 years old represent 30% of the older people and the 6% of the total population of the Barcelona province). In recent years there have also been accelerated social changes regarding household, family and gender structures that explain the growth of the "gap" between the need and supply of care.

The digitalisation of the Local Telecare Service, which started in 2022 as part of the technological and digital improvements related to care at home and the digitalisation agendas of public services at the European, state, and local levels, allowed the implementation of the censoring program “All in one sensor”. This program has a unique sensor incorporating different functionalities (temperature, humidity, presence, light, infrared and acceleration control). Depending on the needs detected, it can be activated by a more intensive follow-up from the Local Telecare Service with home visits and periodic calls, or participation in digital programs, such as the digital program for the prevention of cognitive deterioration. The person may also be referred to social or health services or to social programs of Diputació de Barcelona such as the program for elderly people in loneliness situation.