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Following the European trend, the population in Romania is ageing rapidly. In Western European countries, this process is based on a low birth rate. Additionally, in Romania, we face labour migration, which causes a significant part of people between the ages of 20 and 50 to leave the country temporarily or permanently. This aspect puts even greater pressure on the situation of the older people in Romania, who see themselves as deprived of the support of their children, who have meanwhile become adults but also immigrants to other countries.

In Bucharest`s 6th District Municipality, the demographic data indicate a number of 98,105 people over 65 years of age out of a total of 367,000 inhabitants, i.e. a percentage of 26.73 older people from the total population. This percentage is above the national average. The biggest challenge is to restore the autonomy of these people for as long as possible so that they can enjoy an active life based on their own strengths and resources.