The Active Lifestyles programme is a Sefton-based local initiative that aims to give the entire community the opportunity to live a more active and healthy lifestyle. It is available to people with a variety of health conditions (overweight, obesity, diabetes, angina, hypertension, post-heart attack, and poor mental health) who have been referred to the programme by a variety of health professionals, the majority of whom work in primary care. The majority of those who have taken part in the programme are 65 or older. The program's main goal is to improve physical health and mental well-being by increasing physical activity and providing weight management services to help people lose weight and eat healthier.

The initiative was launched 18 years ago in response to the high prevalence of lifestyle-related health problems and the low level of physical activity among adults in Sefton. Gym activities, swimming, walking, chair and dynaband sessions, green gyms, dance classes, Tai Chi, and so on are all examples of physical activities.

The initiative's overarching goal is to improve physical and mental well-being through physical activity, increased social interaction, behaviour change, and healthier eating. The following are the specific goals of 'Active Lifestyles':

• Combat unhealthy lifestyles and habits that put people at risk of chronic health problems.

• Reduce the number of overweight or obese Sefton residents and assist individuals in maintaining a healthy weight.

• Lower the risk of coronary heart disease (CHD) in Sefton.

• Provide a service in various locations throughout Sefton in accordance with recognised standards and guidelines, such as NICE guidance.

• Address the priorities of the local Strategic Commissioning Plan as well as other relevant targets such as the Local Area Agreement indicators in order to reduce health inequalities.

• Improve dietary habits and increase physical activity among the identified target populations.

• Provide high-quality, patient-centered, and timely weight management services that improve the health of service users.

• Collaborate with other services commissioned by the NHS, Sefton Local Authority, private organisations, and third-sector organisations.

• Assess the service to ensure it is fit for purpose, including staff skill mix, cost effectiveness, and service equitability.