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In many European countries, the shortage of childcare facilities is a structural issue that affects both large cities and rural areas. In none of the 28 member states of the EU is, parental leave available to all. 7.7 million women are prevented from finding employment because of caregiving obligations. 10% of women and 12% of men who are employed in the EU, according to the European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE), are not entitled to parental leave.

354,000 people live in Offenbach county, including 10,689 children under three. In the county, 1700 children (16%) lack access to childcare. Many migrant women struggle to secure their first job at the same time. Consequently, this practice was developed to enhance childcare in the vicinity, allowing mothers to access employment. 

This project aims to provide young migrant mothers with social and educational support while co-designing a social and professional counselling programme to encourage their successful integration into their respective societies and to encourage and assist young women in discovering and enhancing their identity. To support young immigrant moms by providing them with career guidance and the chance to earn a degree, facilitating their access to the labour market and lowering or eliminating poverty.

Activities are performed at several levels:

Pro Arbeit - Kreis Offenbach (AöR) is developing a policy that would allow mothers with a history of migration to work as childminders as part of the AMIF-funded project Mums@Work. An outside training provider is implementing this measure.

The initiative collaborates with the appropriate stakeholders at local level. Inquiries are being made strategically about housing, language, and social integration.

Internally, women taking part in the measure receive advice on starting their businesses and working for themselves. Here, policy-making is being pursued in the context of the German SGBII benefits, a company launch can only occur if, by the obtained income, a termination of the benefits is received. An exemption is given for women establishing their businesses for the first six months because this won't be the case with childminders because they increase the number of children to be cared for piecemeal.

European level: A joint ERASMUS+ project is being created to carry out similar activities on a larger scale with other European partners.