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The Proactive Social Payments Mechanism simplifies the rights of citizens by eliminating the need for explicit requests and paper-based documentation. The mechanism automatically identifies citizens' entitlement, verifies their information, and, if eligible, calculates and assigns the relevant social benefit, pension, lump-sum payment, or grants.

Before the new mechanism, an individual was required to apply to the State Social Protection Fund (SSPF) under the Ministry of Labour and Social Protection of Population (MLSPP) to request relevant social payments. Subsequently, after gathering the necessary paper documents (about 7) from the relevant authorities, the person could proceed to apply to the SSPF for social payments. During the stipulated timeframe, the MLSPP disbursed social payments to eligible citizens and furnished them with detailed information about the bank where they could obtain their bank cards.

The new mechanism automated the identification and provision of citizens' rights without the need for explicit requests. Following the determination of relevant status (citizen's disability, retirement age, childbirth, etc.), the Centralised Electronic Information System (CEIS) electronically pulls important information from the information systems of other government stakeholders. After gathering the necessary information from data resources, the system automatically verifies eligibility, allocates social payments, and notifies citizens via SMS. Additionally, the system forwards this information to the banks to facilitate the issuance of a bank card for eligible recipients.