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It is a thorough programme designed to aid inmates at Teixeiro's jail in their efforts to reintegrate into society. The programme aims to give inmates the necessary skills to enable their re-inclusion in society and targets prisoners who will be freed in less than one and a half years.

Inmates can choose from a variety of classes, workshops, and training to help them develop their social, interpersonal, and employment skills. Prison operating teams of professionals may refer inmates to participate in the programme on a voluntary basis. The project officers' team, which consists of a pedagogist, a social worker, and a job counsellor, will conduct an initial interview with the client after receiving a referral or voluntary application, look over his or her file, and discuss the individual's goals with them.

A customised plan of socio-labour insertion is created by the inclusion team and must be signed as a personal commitment by the prisoner. prisoner commitment to rules and responsibilities specified in the programme. They also take part in customised activities. Three experts manage the activities: a pedagogue, a social worker, and a job counsellor. These three staff members collaborate closely with the jail personnel and are full-time contract employees employed directly by the regional government.

The aim of this project is to give prisoners assistance so they can learn the skills they will need for life after jail. These include social and personal skills, constructive habits, and work-related talents.