Nearly a quarter of 18-25-year-olds in the Métropole de Lyon live below the poverty line. There are already tools to help them, but they are not enough in this crisis. The youth solidarity income (RSJ) was designed as a safety net for those who do not meet the existing aid criteria.
In 91% of cases for RSJ beneficiaries, young people had no resources, and the amount of the RSJ was €400. 20% are in a very precarious situation in terms of housing (9% are homeless and 11% in homes). Only 16% live in independent housing, while the rest live with a third party precariously. Of the 717 young people who joined the RSJ, 231 left it, 44% of whom were for employment or training and 15% for opening new rights, including the youth guarantee.

This project aims at the social inclusion of young people under 25 years old in vulnerable and very precarious situations by promoting their access to housing and employment through three fundamental elements: a minimum income benefit, measures to activate the labour market, and adequate support towards housing and employment. It also aims to respond to the lack of national financial solidarity schemes for young people under 25 and combat the negative impact of Covid-19 on young people by providing access to social care and (employment) support.