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In De Deelfabriek, the need for material support is a starting point for organising person-centred care and support. Behind this support is a unique collaborative practice between different levels of government, public agencies, services, and third and private-sector organisations. As for the location, the  Public Centre of Social Welfare (PCSW) partnered with the city of Kortrijk, the provincial and regional government, the European Regional Development Fund  (ERDF), and the Flemish Heritage Agency to turn the old fire station into a modern, hip and sustainable building with maximum respect for its historical and heritage value. After the completion, the city will be responsible for its maintenance and all matters related to utilities (water, electricity, solar energy, etc.).

The project has been developed in a very accessible way for everyone, but in particular for disadvantaged groups looking for ways to reduce their expenses out of necessity, complementary to the existing services of the PCSW.