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There are several impediments to social involvement and job market access for Roma communities and immigrant and refugee populations living in the Municipality of Fyli, which increases the social isolation of marginalised groups. Additionally, the Greek economic crisis plunged a large number of Roma people and families into abject poverty, causing many of them to live in substandard homes. Such problems should be addressed by the Greek basic income plan, however Roma people find it difficult to receive the available assistance.

A centre was established by the Fyli authorities to aid Roma in obtaining social services. The receipt of minimal income for a Roma family is conditioned upon regular school attendance in the interest of their children's integration through regular education. Dropout rates for students aged 7 to 15 are 36%, and only 4% of Roma children have finished high school. 

The project aims to assist individuals and families experiencing extreme poverty, decrease early school exit for children, increase Roma community social support utilisation, and create a local reference point that receives, serves, and connects residents to all social programmes and services offered in an intervention area.