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Bruges Public Centre for Social Welfare organises Vereniging 'WOK,' a social enterprise (OCMW Brugge). Social entrepreneurship projects and their methodologies are known as arbeidszorg projects in Belgium. These forms are concerned with employment and workplace care. Take care that people can work at their own pace, choose their programme (for example, two days per week), and so on. In the organisation, there is a job coach who looks after the person's social welfare. On the work floor, there are also technical assistants who assist with task organisation.

The Vereniging 'WOK' exists to:

 - Organize specialised training/jobs for people who are unable to work due to disabilities or abilities in the labour and social / sheltered markets.

- Create workshops with a variety of activities: a gardening group maintains the gardens of the Public Welfare Centre, services for people in Bruges are put in place (garden maintenance, painting jobs, small house jobs...) Vereniging 'WOK' also has a workshop where various packaging jobs, such as chocolate boxes, are performed.

Developing tailored employment, training, or job solutions for people with disabilities (and a barrier to the labour market). A job in the sheltered economy/social enterprise or labour market will be a goal for some clients. A regular activity in 'WOK' will be the ultimate goal for some people. 'WOK' provides steps 3 and 4 of the formalised participation ladder (participatieladder*).

Step 4 indicates that people have work potential. Job coaches work toward this goal by organising internships and apprenticeships, for example.