Asturias is a region located in Northern Spain with a very high share of old people over 65 years of age (25,7% by 2019), many of whom live alone or in care homes. As the number of older people is expected to increase (it is expected to reach 33% of the population by 2035), so does the number of people in need of LTC, which may threaten the sustainability of the system.

The main aim of the initiative was to link the extension of care for older people in their homes with creating job opportunities for people with difficulties to access the job market.

The Regional Government has implemented the use of social clauses in its procurement through the Practical Guide for the Inclusion of Social and Environmental Responsibility Clauses in the Administrative Contracting of the Administration of the Principality of Asturias and its Public Sector, to contract entailed an added social benefit beyond the mere provision of services, as execution of tasks or the acquisition of goods that each particular contract pursued.

The practice turns public procurement into an active social policy. Hence, it does not require additional resources, once the practice is implemented. Certainly, at the start, it will require some investment to develop the social criteria, involve different stakeholders, staff training and promoting the practice in the administration.