Side-by-Side is an ESN-led project, funded by the EU Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values programme which aims to increase the knowledge on adequate social services responses on effective integrated mechanisms to prevent violence against children and to reinforce child protection services in European countries.

The first strand of the project involves four national study visits to four innovative projects on preventing violence against children to raise awareness of existing good practices on integrated prevention models to fight violence against children.

The second strand will be an assessment of child protection professionals and practitioners’ knowledge gaps and training needs to suggest future training to increase their capacity to act in line with international standards on preventing violence against children.

Both strands will result into a compendium of good practices and a training needs assessment report. These two outputs will be promoted during two dedicated webinars scheduled at the end of the project in September 2024.

ESN is responsible for the overall project management, the design and delivery of the study visits,  and making sure that all outputs are delivered on time and with good quality. ESN will ensure the production of the good practice and training needs assessment reports as well as the organisation of the two webinars.

The kick-off meeting is planned to take place on 19 April 2023.

For further information, contact Elona Bokshi, Policy Manager at